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About Us

I love everything coastal and rustic, and over the last 6 years I have been striving to achieve the perfect combination of the two. My products, made entirely by hand, offer just that. To top off the beauty of my pieces, you can custom order them to tailor any room in your house. We all know the feeling you get when you are out shopping and you see something that would be perfect for your wall, but it doesn't come in the right color. Not here, folks. If I don't have it, I will make it for you. I even have an option to build your own pallet.

All of my products are made from NEW wood (never pallet wood) hand cut, sanded, stained, painted, distressed and sealed to perfection. All of my lettering and images are painted on by hand. My attention to detail is one of my strongest suits. 

Located in a small water town in Maryland, I have a constant source of nautical inspiration around me. My love for wood, power tools and paint puts me at a creative advantage that I am very thankful to have. My workshop is my happy place, and I spend a lot of my time there. A lot of artists spend their lives trying to make a living off of their passion, but mine just comes natural to me. Vintage Chic Creations is well known locally, selling out at all of the festivals I attend, and I am even featured in a few local stores. What started out as a hobby and a means to support myself as a newly single mother has grown into a dream that I never knew existed. The leaps and bounds I have made in woodworking alone are inspiring to those around me. I was the stereotypical woman who knew nothing about tools a few years ago. Seriously- I couldn't change a light bulb. Now I am able to build gorgeous pieces of furniture with such ease that I am not sure I can even remember that inexperienced girl who called her dad for advice about everything.

My mission with this business is to continue growing and creating/refinishing gorgeous pieces of furniture & decor for other people to enjoy for years to come. Most importantly, I hope to continue to be a role model for my daughter to teach her that a woman can be just a successful as any man can, even if he is better at things just by default. Make sure you check back on the blog to see tutorials, before and afters, and dates for our future festivals.

To contact me about a custom order, refinish or build please message me on our facebook page, and "like" us when you get a second!



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